Veer Munshi

Veer Munshi


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66'' x 68''
Acrylic on Canvas
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As for Munshi, viewing pleasure plays no role in his objective as an artist. His work is very personal and at most times disturbing. It is his reaction to a specific event - in this case, the ongoing political situation in his home, Kashmir - and he wants everyone who views his work to understand what is happening there. Rather than leaving viewers with a light hearted happy feeling, Munshi wants his works to cause reflection and spread awareness. He is a painter with a clearly defined course In Veer Munshi`s paintings we see a reflection of the anguish and fear he felt whilst living in his own home, a fear that plagued so many other Kashmiris as well. Munshi was forced to give up his home and heritage, and witness how men he once knew turned into vicious, killing animals - a theme often recurring in his large canvases. His figures however seem to mirror a different emotion once of giving up. Their eyes are often hollow or blank and they bend and bow subserviently to captors like vultures that prey over them. One figure that occurs quite often in his work is that of the puppet master. A person who pull the strings and controls all the others, manipulating the future of the valley. He stands in demolished doorways and the remains of arches, observing the havoc he has played. Fascinatingly, the figure of the puppet master resembles that of Munshi himself. Munshi`s canvases present images that are intriguing. They cross average notions of reality and pass into a surreal realm. He works in oils and sometimes sketches in charcoal. His work has been inspired not only by the political and social situation in India but also his own real life experiences. He has the ability to transform real life experiences into the language of paintings. His canvases present images which are intriguing. They cross average notions of reality and pass into a surreal realm.
This work comes with an Authentication Certificate, Provenance and Curatorial Note on the artwork.
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